Flexibility in retirement

Want flexibility in retirement

Whether your retirement dreams involve travelling, helping your children or grandchildren establish themselves, pursuing a passion or something entirely different, solid planning is the key to realizing all of your retirement dreams. However, an important part of thorough retirement planning is including flexibility so you can address unexpected expenses that inevitably will arise, without sacrificing your retirement dreams.

Manulife One is a revolutionary banking solution that can give you that financial flexibility.

Why financial flexibility is important

As Canadians approach and enter retirement, we typically arrange our finances so that we have a stable income from month to month. However, we often don’t fully prepare for the fact that we may not have stable expenses in retirement. Sometimes life throws “what ifs” your way.

Preparing for “what ifs”

In addition to regular month-to-month fluctuations in expenses, you may encounter larger, one-time expenses:
What if I have unexpected medical expenses? What if I need to help one of my children? What if the house needs a major repair? You don’t want the worry or disappointment of unexpected costs – such as medical expenses or home repairs – derailing your plans.

And how about unexpected opportunities: What if your friends invite you to join them on a cruise? What if your daughter is accepted to graduate school? What if you decide to start a small business? After working diligently for years and building your personal equity, you want to be able to take advantage of great opportunities when you have the chance.

Manulife One is an all-in-one savings, chequing and borrowing account that is secured by the equity you’ve established in your home. Because you have total control over how you manage the account, you have access to this equity, up to your borrowing limit, whenever a need arises.

A sound back-up plan

Even if you’re confident that you’re financially prepared for retirement, it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan in place. As with any back-up plan, the best time to get a Manulife One account is before you need it. By putting a Manulife One account in place today, you’ll be better prepared to handle any unexpected financial needs that arise in the future.

Banking…on your terms

With Manulife One, accessing your home equity is as easy as writing a cheque, transferring money to another account or even using your bank card. With a Manulife One account, you may never need to apply for a bank loan or arrange financing again. You decide when and how you access the equity that you’ve worked hard to build and maintain over the years. Now that’s true financial flexibility.

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