Are you ready to take control of your career?

The Banking Consultant (BC) opportunity can provide:

  • A competitive commission package with no limit to your income;
  • Extensive, ongoing training and support;
  • Full access to marketing resources and support;
  • The opportunity to work closely with Financial Advisors, who can provide you with "warm" leads;
  • Flexibility in your day to day schedule with the ability to work from your home office;

Pooja Jain (Toronto)

I feel my career as a banking consultant is extremely rewarding because I am able to help people with their financial needs and be a part of a product that is changing the financial industry!


I am extremely passionate about Manulife One. Canadians now have an opportunity to save thousands in interest costs and be debt free sooner. And, with the uncertainty in all our minds, the Manulife One product has helped Canadians focus on the larger things in life rather than being worried all the time.

My motivation is the ability to relieve the stress of debt from people's lives by giving them an opportunity to live a better life.

Marc Sabourin (Sudbury)

My role as a Banking Consultant was not simply a job, but a lifestyle choice that provided me with a unique sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that overshadows all other positions I have held in the past. Recently I was offered a leadership position and I now lead our team in Northern Ontario.


The Banking Consultant role was one to which I gravitated because of the opportunity to build a very rewarding career that offers flexibility for scheduling, opportunity for growth and stability, while providing a catalyst through which to effect a positive change for all clients for whom I provide counsel. It is a rare opportunity to develop a win-win relationship with clients and all stakeholders. Given the opportunity to offer clients personalized solutions for their specific financial needs translates into a career that also offers me the chance to find financial rewards that are seldom seen in the banking industry. The position does provide one with the sense of making a difference and earning the financial rewards that come with delivering steadfast service to potential clients.

Manulife One, our flagship product, is a necessary solution to Canadian families' cash flow challenges and we, as Banking Consultants, offer hope, relief, and real solutions that provide the control that all clients need over their debt management in order to achieve their financial goals. People don't tell friends about their mortgages, but they certainly tell everyone about the difference that Manulife One makes in their lives, and so it is clear to see how the Manulife One account is making a positive impact on thousands of Canadians nationwide. Savings, flexibility, control - these are the benefits associated with our Manulife One account. What other bank can boast about providing their clients with these pillars of financial management?

Another key to my fulfillment is that I am able to be active in my community which is a natural occurrence given the relationships that we build with our partners. My peers and I all make a difference due to the ability to lend our time and skills to a wide range of community groups through volunteerism.

Leanne Fudge (Halifax)

I love being a Banking Consultant because I get to help Canadians change how they bank. I’ve seen Manulife One change people’s lives and save them money. In some cases, people that wouldn't otherwise have the funds to put into an RRSP now have those funds. In other cases, they can also now afford insurance to protect their families. The bottom line is…that this is an absolute DREAM JOB!


Manulife One is going to change the banking system in Canada! We will be known as the pioneers of the incredible change that is happening as we speak. When you meet with a client and you change their whole world after they get set up, it is very rewarding. I worked with a single mom who no longer had to rent out a room in her house and was able to put money away for her future. Another client I worked with was able to transition more easily from a lost job to a new job because of the flexibility on Manulife One. When you see the impact the Manulife One has on each and every client, you always want to do your best for every single person you meet.

As a working mom, I love working from home. This arrangement allows me to do things around the house that I wouldn't have normally gotten done. Between phone calls or between deals, I can throw in a load of laundry, or empty the dishwasher. I take my hour at lunch to run errands if needed.

My role as a Banking Consultant has allowed me the opportunity to meet the people in my community and more importantly contribute to my community by sponsoring hockey teams and tournaments whenever I can. In October I wrote cheques totaling $1800.00 because I could!

Don McIntosh (Calgary)

The Manulife name is synonymous with many employee benefit packages across the country so whenever a client hears I am with Manulife Bank, they already have been introduced to the company and know much about us. It sure helps. I love it!


I have been in the banking industry, mostly in the lending area, for over forty-five years. My position immediately prior to joining Manulife was as Regional Vice President for one of Canada’s top seven banks. I have never had a position as flexible in hours, rewarding financially, and with less pressure. I can set my personal targets and then plan my schedule to meet my personal needs and business agenda.

I enjoy working from my home office. Where and when else do you have the option of getting up and going through your personal morning routines, and fighting traffic for 20 feet to reach your executive office – set up to your personal taste? It did take some getting-used to but it has been so much better for me. The flexibility has given me the opportunity to volunteer in projects overseas. I cannot tell you here how rewarding those opportunities have been to me personally and to those that have gone with me.

I love being a Banking Consultant because Manulife One it is the best banking product on the market, bar none. I am proud to be a representative of Manulife Bank and meet ALL the personal banking needs of our clients. I end each day completely satisfied in the work I have done and the accomplishments I have achieved.

Vianney Bergeron (Montreal)

I love being a Banking Consultant because I am my own boss, I get the results that I want, I am well compensated, I am living my dream, I have good Banking Consultant friends and my clients are very appreciative of me. In this job, if you work hard you will be rewarded.


What motivates me in my job is the gratitude shown by my clients, the flexibility that the Bank gives me to do my job and the administrative support we have from the people at Head Office, not to mention their friendly, technical approach and professional manner.

Because Manulife Bank has a good reputation in the financial sector, that gives us a leg up in our job and almost 100% of the clients we meet are familiar with Manulife Financial because of its long history. Some clients who work for large corporations have our group benefits. Our goal is to be as professional as possible and people recognize us for this. That opens a lot of doors and reassures a lot of people.

I love working from home. No more driving during rush hour. You work the hours that you want. If you are most productive in the morning, you work mornings. On the other hand, if you get more done in the evening, you work evenings—you work the hours that you choose.

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