Account Fees

Manulife One services and fees (Effective May 22, 2014)

Monthly fee: $14 (Clients age 60+: $7)

This fee includes unlimited monthly:

  • cheque writing
  • deposits
  • debit card purchases
  • Automated Banking Machine* (ABM) deposits and withdrawals within Canada
  • Fund transfers, bill payments and pre-authorized payments
  • Internet and telephone banking services

NEW! Use your Manulife Bank MasterCard® to offset your Manulife One monthly administration fee.

*Note: Manulife Bank is a member of THE EXCHANGE® ABM Network. Deposits and no-user fee withdrawals can be made at these ABMs.

Transaction processing times



Monthly fee (regular)


Monthly fee (seniors1)



Fund transfers

no charge

Interac® e-Transfer2

no charge

Direct deposits

no charge

ABM deposits

no charge

Mail in cheque

no charge



no charge

ABM withdrawals in Canada3

no charge

ABM withdrawals outside of Canada


Direct Payment -debit
(outside Canada)


Bill payments

no charge

Pre–authorized payments

no charge

Interac e-Transfer

First Interac e-Transfer per month

no charge

Subsequent Interac e-Transfers



Client initiated

no charge

Manulife Bank initiated


Wire transfers
(other Bank charges may also apply)

$10,000 or less


$10,001 - $50,000




Incoming wire transfer




Monthly statement

no charge

Duplicate statement (mailed)


Overdraft interest
(calculated on daily closing balance, charged monthly)


NSF item processing

If returned


If paid (overdraft interest applies)


Stop payment


Official cheque
(in lieu of certified cheque)


Outgoing cheque collection


Personalized cheques

Cheques can be ordered in quantities of 50 or 100. Pricing is available through Internet banking services. To order cheques or for a full list of product, visit Davis and Henderson's website at www.dhltd.com  or call 1-877-448-1294. Please note that, for security reasons, all first-time orders or requests for name and/or address changes must be processed through Manulife Bank. Please contact us.

Using a non-MICR encoded cheque
(i.e. photocopy)


Foreign funds

To process cheque written in foreign currency to your Canadian dollar account (excluding travellers' cheques)


Returned foreign deposit


Searches / Notices

Search and photocopy an item within the past 90 days


Search and photocopy an item processed more than 90 days ago


Detailed recap of account transactions

$15.00/ hour

Confirmation of account/audit confirmation


Bill payment investigation/refund


This sets out all charges for services provided by Manulife Bank of Canada for its Manulife One account.

  • Service charges are subject to change with at least 30 days prior written notice. Clients who have chosen not to receive paper statements may find any changes posted online.
  • All fees presented on a per item basis, unless otherwise stated.
  • Charges are automatically applied to your account.
  • By using your Manulife Bank Access Card  in ABMs displaying THE EXCHANGE®3 logo in Canada, you can avoid paying the convenience fee charged by many financial institutions.

Transaction processing times

Depending on your transaction, processing times vary. Allow sufficient time for your bill payments to be processed to your billing company and funds transfers to clear your account at your other financial institution.


Hold period (business days)

Cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer drawn on another Canadian financial institution.

  • less than or equal to $1,500.00
  • greater than $1,500.00
  •   2 - 5
  •   2 - 8

Cheque or other instrument drawn on a U.S. financial institution.

15 - 30

Cheque or other instrument drawn on other foreign financial institution.

30 - 45

Please refer to your operating agreement for our hold funds policy or contact us for further details.

The cost of borrowing for Manulife One.

Fees are subject to change.

1If any person on the account is 60 years of age or older.

2®Trade-mark of Interac Inc. Used under license.

3Unless you use THE EXCHANGE® ABMs in Canada, you may incur additional ABM convenience fees charged by many financial institutions.

Fiserv EFT is the owner of THE EXCHANGE® trade mark and its associated rights. Fiserv EFT has granted FICANEX® the exclusive right to use, market and sublicense THE EXCHANGE® trade mark and the intellectual property rights associated with the operation of THE EXCHANGE® Network throughout Canada. Manulife Bank of Canada is an authorized user of the mark.

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