Accessing your account

Accessing your account

Your Manulife One account gives you easy access to your money. You also have several options when depositing money into your Manulife One account.




Automatic transactions

Have your income automatically deposited into your account.

Set-up pre-authorized bill payments.

Transfer funds

Transfer funds from another financial institution.

Transfer funds to another financial institution.

Bill payment features

Set up your Manulife One account as a ”bill” at another financial institution to make regular deposits.

Use Internet and telephone banking to pay bills.

Royal Bank deposit slips

Make deposits at any branch of the Royal Bank with bank tellers. (Note: special deposit slips must be presented to a teller. Please do not use the night deposit box.)




Make direct payment purchases at retailers. Use the “cash back” option at retail locations, when available.


Mail in cheques to:
Manulife Bank
500 King St. No
Waterloo, Ontario
N2J 4C6

Write a cheque for purchases.


Make deposits at almost all ABMs displaying THE EXCHANGE1 logo.

Withdraw money at any ABM2.

1 THE EXCHANGE® and THE EXCHANGE & Design® are registered trademarks owned by Fiserv Inc., licensed for use in Canada by FICANEX Services Limited Partnership. Manulife Bank of Canada is an authorized user of the mark.

2 Using THE EXCHANGE ABMs  ensures you do not incur additional fees.

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